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I've had this setup for about 6 months now and while it is usable, I do face issue on macOS and I have had this on a two monitor setup as well. If you try to connect all three monitors into two ports on one side, it won't work.
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Just click and drag it over to any of your external displays to make that one the default monitor. In the same Arrangement screen you can drag the displays around to change the placement.

The display sizes are scaled accordingly. Replicate your physical monitor setup in this window to make the transition between multiple displays really easy. Thanks to Mavericks, the multi-monitor capabilities of Macs have improved exponentially. Now every new display gets its own workspace and you can create different desktops or fullscreen apps for individual monitors.

This is great if you plan on using one monitor just for media, to monitor your website, or for social media updates. When it comes to multi-monitor wallpapers, Mac is kind of weird. When you right-click on the desktop and select Change Desktop Background the app will actually bring up the wallpaper picker window on each different screen.

Of course, there are apps out there that make the process of applying panoramic wallpapers easy but most of them are paid. But you can still do it for free; all you have to do is download panoramic wallpapers that are already cut out for individual screens. You can do that with Wallpaperfusion or dualmonitorbackgrounds. Once you have your cut out wallpapers downloaded, select that folder from the sidebar and choose the relevant images for each screen. And now we come to a grave problem with the Mac that only amplifies itself when you add more displays.

9 Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Multiple Monitors on Your Mac

Window management. Windows has great window management had to live up to the name, I guess , where everything is tight and snaps into place. Wait — actually, you can. Thanks to an awesome free app called BetterTouchTool. Just click and drag any window to the left or right edge to make it take up half the screen. There is also a long pin which may be surrounded by four other pins which are required for audio in older models.

HDMI 2. As we said above, there are a couple of Macs that have shipped or in the case of the Mac mini, still ship with an HDMI port. If you purchased the Apple Thunderbolt display, which was discontinued in , then your monitor has a Thunderbolt 2 port, as seen above. As we said above, the Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C ports are identical, so if your Mac has one, you will be able to use any monitor equipped with either port.

Set the Primary Display on a Dual-Screen Mac Setup

More monitors are likely to be featuring USB C ports than Thunderbolt 3 ports, although Thunderbolt is faster and can take more power. USB-equipped displays are likely to be cheaper than Thunderbolt options, too.

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For more information about ports, here's a run down of some of Apple's different port types. Now that you have established which port your Mac and display have, you will need to find a cable to connect your Mac to the monitor. This cable doesn't need to be from Apple, but it will need to have the right connections.

However, it's likely you will require an adapter if you want to connect to a display that uses VGA or DVI, but before we get onto adapters there's one other thing you will need to consider when buying a cable or an adapter:. You need to check whether the connection on the back of your display has female or male endpoints.


The Apple adapters are female, so if the port on the back of your monitor is also female in other words has holes not spikes you will need a male to female adapter. It's no good trying to hook up your Mac to a monitor if the cable or adapter is to short. Remember you will need enough cable to go from the back of the display to your port on the Mac. You can buy adapters from a number of third parties, and they may well be cheaper than Apple's offerings.

How To Connect Multiple Monitors to MacBook Pro / Air

However, it appears that since Apple unleashed macOS Sierra some third-party adapters no longer work, so we would recommend that you buy an Apple adapter, or at least one that is sold by Apple. This would include the HD movies found on the iTunes Store. We can't confirm whetehr it works but it says it's for the MacBook, so we assume it does.

Can Your Mac Handle It?

However, you may be able to find a cable or adapter on Amazon. Mini DisplayPort features on most Macs and is used to connect to an external display. Dual-link is for DVI displays with resolutions above x There are a number of issues you may experience with your display setup. Here we address some of them.

Let us know of any further solutions or problems. If your adapter is not made by Apple, that might just be the issue here. When you connect your display and your Mac the display should automatically be detected. But what should you do if it isn't? As we explain above, if your adapter is not made by Apple that might just be the issue here. If you are using an Apple adapter, try the following:.

There is more than one kind of DVI adapter and the likelihood is the one you have is different to the adapter you are using. For example, you may require space for four analog ports around the flat blade.

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If your problem is that you have two female or two male connections then the solution is to buy a male-to-female adapter.